🇬🇧 UK best of 👋Clubhouse calendar

Subscribe to our calendar and never miss a great UK (The Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) event on Clubhouse again!

Google calendar users

1. Click this link

2. Login to your Google account

3. Your Google calendar will open as a webpage with a pop up asking you to Add calendar “PUBLIC: Best of UK Clubhouse”

4. Click “Add”

🍏 iOS & iCal calendar users 

1. Open “Settings” on your iPhone

2. Choose “Calendar” from the list 

3. Select  “Accounts”

4. Choose “Other” at the bottom

5. Click “Add Subscribed Calendar”

6. Under “Server:” enter bit.ly/UKCHiCal

7. Click ”Next”

8. Click ”Save”

💻 Outlook & ICS calendar users

1. Open the Calendar tab

2. Choose “Open Calendar” from the ribbon, and choose “From Internet”

3. Copy and paste the below address in the input box and click “OK”


👓 View only via this website

Alternatively, view the Best of UK Clubhouse calendar on the Fintech & Payments Club website either as a Calendar Grid or an Event list.