We offer different types of sponsorship opportunities for you and your business:


🎬  Adroll during room resets

🖥. Advertising on our website

📱 Advertising using our digital channels

🎫  Host an event with us

… and more!

Why sponsor an event with the Fintech & Payments Club?


🎯  We have a large audience with over 40,000 followers on Clubhouse

🎙  We can dual-stream events across channels including Twitter Spaces, Facebook, and YouTube

✳️  Our professional moderators can help you with running the event, including:

  • Host the Event
  • Room Management including bringing up speakers
  • QuestionManagement
  • General Assistance
For more information and enquires

📬  Our email address is Team @ FintechandPayments.Club (remove the spaces either side of the @ sign – we hate spam).

👉  Or if you want to reach one of us directly, you can use the syntax <firstname>@ FintechandPayments.Club